Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (JADOCS) In Maritime Dynamic Targeting Course

CIN:    J-2G-0655

Location:    TACTRAGRUPAC, Bldg 56, Room 109  Naval Base Pt Loma

Security Clearance Required:    SECRET

Length:    5 Days

Verification Of Enrollment: Students submitting requests for JADOCS courses should contact Quota Control, Ms. Lydia Reynoso at 619-221-5282, to verify enrollment NLT 2 weeks prior to start date.

Uniform: Uniform is Khakis, Flight Suits, BDUs, or Working Uniform. All approved service uniform combinations are acceptable.

Start Place and Time: Check in at Naval Base Pt. Loma Pass and Tag office, Bldg 61, NLT 0745 on the first day of class to receive your required visitor security badge.  After receiving your security badge, proceed to Bldg 56, room 109, for class start at 0800.

Course Description:

The JADOCS in Maritime Dynamic Targeting course is an introductory to intermediate level course for Fires Cell personnel and Staff Watch Officers from Carrier Strike Groups (CSG), Amphibious Readiness Groups (ARG), Warfare Commander, and Fleet Maritime Operations Centers (MOC), as well as Intelligence Watch Officers and Targeteers. Training is specifically tailored to JADOCS tactics techniques and procedures being utilized in forward Fleet theaters at both the operational and tactical levels of warfare.


The course introduces joint dynamic targeting fundamentals, the joint tasking message (JTM) 10-line, and current federated dynamic targeting practices; introduces the various JADOCS interfaces, tools and managers; demonstrates JADOCS basic user setup, preferences, target data nomination, cross component coordination, weapons target pairing (WTP), collateral damage estimation (CDE) wizard, and discusses cursor on target (COT) functionality using Target Package Generator (TPG) and Rapid Attack Information Dissemination Execution Relay (RAIDER) to transmit machine-to-machine (M2M) targeting information to airborne strike fighter aircraft. Class consists of 60% lecture and 40% lab.

Attendees: All afloat staff/watch officers who are directly involved in the Dynamic Targeting Chain.

Names/POCs/Phone numbers/E-mail addresses:

Ms. Lydia Reynoso (Quota Control) - DSN: 251 / COM: (619) 221-5282



LCDR Scott "Patchy" Johns (Director, Strike Syndicates) - DSN: 553-8340 / COM: (619) 553-8340




Mr. Tom Hejl (Course Manager) - DSN: 251-5206 / COM: (619) 251-5206




Mr. Mike Storey (Instructor) - DSN: 553-7893 / COM: (619) 553-7893




Mr. Luis Lynch-Maldonado (JADOCS System Administrator) - DSN: 553-7983 / COM: (619) 553-7893





JADOCS Classroom phone number - DSN: 553-8222 / COM: (619) 553-8222    


Registration information:  

Quota control for all services, can be found on the TTGP Quota Control page.


TACTRAGRUPAC is physically located on Point Loma in San Diego, California on the C3F complex at Naval Base Pt Loma.  Specifically, the JADOCS classroom is located in Bldg 56, room 109 (the all black bldg.).

Mailing Address: 


53720 Horizon Dr

San Diego, CA 92147-5087

Clearance Information:

Course requires a SECRET security clearance.  Send JPAS information to TTGP Security Manager, Mr. Chuck Seiler, (619) 553-8329 (DSN: 553),  In JPAS, use SMO Code of 539966, and list “JADOCS Course” in the POC block so the Security Manager knows where to direct your Security Clearance. Lecture Materials: As the lecture materials are of the PowerPoint presentation format, they routinely get updated and reformatted. For copies of the PowerPoint briefs and references, check out the Strike Syndicate section on the TACTRAGRUPAC SharePoint website, or TTGP CAS website (, or contact LCDR Johns.


Secret Clearance.