Staff Tactical Watch Officer (STWO)

CIN:    K-2G-0127

Location and CDP:    TACTRAGRUPAC, 8409

Security Clearance Required:    SECRET

Length:    2 Weeks

Course Description:

To provide mid grade warfare specialty officers with the tactical and procedural skills required to perform duties as a Task Force/Group Tactical Watch Officer in a multi-threat Expeditionary Force/Group.


A two week course comprised of classroom lectures, seminar war games, and computerized war games on the Enhanced Naval Warfare Gaming System (ENWGS), covering the following topics:

  • Joint Warfighting and Maritime Operations
  • Undersea Warfare
  • Surface Warfare
  • Air Warfare
  • Command and Control Warfare
  • Mine Warfare Strike Warfare
  • Intelligence Support
  • Tactical Decision Aid
  • Practical Watch Standing Skills
  • Amphibious Warfare
  • Rules of Engagement.


  • Officers designated per OPNAVINST 1500.49 (series). Waiver authority: Chief of Naval Personnel (PERS-4). 
  • For CARGRU Staffs/CRUDESGRU Staffs/DESRON Staffs/CVW Staffs/NTDS Units.