Independent Deployer Academic Training (IDAT)



Security Clearance Required:   SECRET (JPAS to TTGP SMO 53996)

Length:    4 Days

For Additional Information Contact:

DSN: 553-7853

COM: (619) 553-7853

Course Description:

Tailored academic training for independently deploying ships unable to participate in regularly scheduled strike group training events.


  •  Building Upon prior training and experience in the basic phase of the OFRP, this course exposes independently deploying ships to advanced strike group anti-surface warfare (SUW), anti-subsurface warfare (USW), and integrated air and missile defense (IAMD) operations in a multi-threat environment.
  • Training tailored to theater(s) the ship is scheduled to deploy as well as range of associated theater-specific operations.


CO, XO, Department Heads, TAOs, ASWE, AAWCs, SUWCs, ASTACs, Helo Det OIC and OPSO, operational planners and other tactical watch standers deemed necessary by ship CO.


Basic Phase Complete.