Network Centric Warfare Commander's Course (NCWCC)

CIN/CDP:    K-2G-3014


Security Clearance Required:    SECRET (JPAS TO TTGP SMO Code 539966)

Length:    1 Day

For Additional Information Contact:

Mr. Evan Piritz

DSN: 553-0537

COM: (619) 553-0537

Course Description:

  • Provide CSG leadership with recommendations, lessons learned, and practices to effectively share knowledge (actionable information) throughout the SG and with external organizations.
  • Provide leadership with opportunity to discuss flow of information and intent.
  • Concentrate on flow into and out of SG (HHG & Subordinate CDRs)


A one-day course at the beginning of the Fleet Response Training Plan comprised of classroom instruction and student participation to provide an understanding of NCW concepts, origin, principles, and architectures.  Additionally training in the construction of a Network Centric culture as well as improving information sharing, management, and flow will be discussed.  The NCWCC provides SG leadership (N00, Warfare Commanders, COs, Operations, and MEU Leadership) with recommendations on how to effectively share knowledge throughout the Strike Group.  NCWCC covers C4I architecture and systems, Collaborative Tools, Coalition Networks, Knowledge/Information Management and processes available to effectively use Network Centric tools.


SG Staff, Senior Decision Makers, All Warfare Commanders (WCs) and Staffs, Primary Staff Planners.