Warfare Commanders Conference (WCC) I



Security Clearance Required:   SECRET (JPAS TO TTGP SMO Code 539966)

Length:   5 days

For Additional Information Contact:

CDR Tom Sandoval

Email: Thomas.m.sandoval1@navy.mil

DSN: 553-8366

COM: (619) 553-8366

Course Description:


  • WCC 1 helps build the ARG-MEU team and Composite Warfare Commander (CWC) relationships, tactical knowledge, processes, products, and procedures necessary to accomplish deployed missions.

  • WCC 1 provides a mentored forum for the training audience to meet, learn, and collectively discuss unit capabilities, Command and Control (C2), Navy-USMC integration, cross-warfare coordination, preplanned responses (PPRs), resource allocation and appointment, and specific Warfare Commander issues.

  • Discussions should be able to accomplish a draft ARG Operational General Supplement, an Operational Tasking Supplemental, a PHIBRON-MEU Defense of the Amphibious Task Force Memorandum of Understanding, and refine the team’s battle rhythm.


ARG Staff (N00/01, N2, N3, N6, BWCs/STWOs, GCCS-M, chat and CENTRIXS operators), Warfare Commanders, TACRON air planners, all staff planners/watchstanders, and any other OICs of detachments that fall under the ARG should all attend.  MEU staff (S1, S2, S3, S4, S6) is highly recommended to attend, in order to facilitate meaningful discussion between the Blue/Green team.