Tactical Tomahawk Commander's Course (TTCC)

CANTRAC: J-2G-0007

Location:    TACTRAGRUPAC, Bldg 58, Naval Base Pt Loma

Security Clearance Required:    SECRET

Uniform: NWU, Khaki or Flight Suits

Length: 5 Days

Quota Control

Class Number

Convene Date

Complete Date


16 JAN 2024 19 JAN 2024


25 MAR 2024

29 MAR 2024


28 MAY 2024

31 MAY 2024


08 JUL 2024

12 JUL 2024


19 SPEP 2024

13 SEP 2024


Course Description:  

Familiarizes staff strike planners and designated warfare commanders with the technical details of the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) weapons systems operation and Tomahawk tactical employment considerations. This course is also FFC/PACFLT course requirement per ref (n).



Fleet/Type/Strike Group/Force Commanders and TLAM/Strike staff positions should attend this training en route as pipeline training. CSG TLAM Officer, TLAM LCPO, and senior watch standers from both the CSG and DESRON staff should attend during TRAINING PLAN.



Provides technical and tactical information concerning the capabilities and employment of TLAM applicable to Tactical Commanders and their staff anticipating assignment as CWC, STWC, TSC, LAC or strike planners. This training is directed toward prospective staff officers and senior enlisted personnel.  The curriculum includes:

·         Missile Characteristics

·         Weapons and Launching Systems

·         Tomahawk Command and Control Systems

·         Communications

·         Command and Control

·         Joint Targeting Cycle

·         TLAM Targets and Weaponeering

·         Air Tasking Order

·         Airspace Management

·         Mission Development and Distribution

·         TLAM Employment

·         Strike Planning

·         Engagement Planning

·         Launch Area Coordination

·         Messages

·         Strike Training Process

·         Future Capabilities

·         Mission Distribution System

·         Practical Exercises  


Start Place and Time: 

Check in at Naval Base Pt. Loma, Security Office Quarterdeck, Bldg 61, NLT 0800 the first day of class.



TLAM Office

    SIPR TTGPALLSLAMEX@ncte.navy.smil.mil

    NIPR ttgpslamex@navy.mil

   COM: (619) 553-0107 / DSN: 553-0107


Registration information:

Please contact Lydia Reynoso


    COM: (619) 221-5282



TACTRAGRUPAC is physically located on Point Loma in San Diego, California. TACTRAGRUPAC is co-located with C3F at Naval Base Pt Loma.


Clearance Information:

Course requires a SECRET security clearance. Clearance delivery can be coordinated with the quota control representative.