Warfare Commanders Conference (WCC) II


Location:    TACTRAGRUPAC  

Security Clearance Required:    SECRET  (JPAS TO TTGP SMO Code 539966)

Length:    5 Days

For Additional Information Contact:

CDR Jason Langham

Email: jason.a.langham2@navy.mil

DSN: 553-8368

COM: (619) 553-8368

Course Description:

  • WCC II builds on the CSG Warfare Commanders Conference I and is an opportunity for the CSG staff and warfare commanders to collectively plan and execute a mission based on the OPORD, EXORD, and FRAGOs for the TTGP provided synthetic scenario. 

  • WCC II focuses on knowledge of individual unit capabilities, command and control issues, battle rhythm, OPTASKs, Pre-Planned Responses, and other areas specific to each warfare commander.


CSG Staff (N00/01, N2, N3, N6, BWCs/STWOs, GCCS-M, chat and CENTRIXS operators), Warfare Commanders, TACRON air planners, all staff planners/watchstanders, and any other OICs of detachments that fall under the CSG should all attend.