Maritime Staff Planners Course (MSPC)

CIN:    K-2G-3009

Location:    53720 Horizon Dr. San Diego, CA 92147

TACTRAGRUPAC, Bldg 58, Naval Base Pt Loma

Security Clearance Required:    SECRET

Uniform: NWU, Khaki, Flight Suit, MARPAT, ODU, ACU

Length: 2 Weeks

Type Course: C2 Officer Billet Specialty

Center CD: 23

ECM: N132D


Quota Control

Class Number

Convene Date

Complete Date


13 MAR 2023
24 MAR 2023


30 MAY 2023

09 JUN 2023


17 JUL 2023

28 JUL 2023


21 AUG 2023

01 SEP 2023


23 OCT 2023

03 NOV 2023


Course Description:


MSPC Mission Statement:

The mission of MSPC is to provide Major and Unit Level Commanders and Strike Group Staff Officers with a foundational level of knowledge and the practical skills required to plan and execute Strike Group Combat Operations in an integrated theater, joint, and coalition context, through facilitated academics, the Navy Planning Process, and reinforcement of skills through a synthetic war game in a maritime environment.




MSPC Training objectives:

I.            Relate, explain, or demonstrate a working knowledge of Composite Warfare Commander (CWC) construct for integrated Strike Group Operations.

II.            Utilize the Navy Planning Process (NPP) to transition Higher Headquarters Requirements into execution orders at the tactical level.

III.            Recall the Joint Forces capabilities and their relationship with Combined Maritime Operations at the tactical level.



A two week course comprised of classroom lectures, tactical vignettes, mission planning and scenario wargaming while emulating a Strike Group staff and subordinate Warfare Commanders and staff. The course includes a mix of students with varied backgrounds and levels of experience, as is the case in the Strike Group and Warfare Commanders staffs, and covers the following topics:

·         Joint War fighting and naval concept of joint operational planning

·         Undersea Warfare

·         Surface Warfare

·         Air Warfare

·         Command and Control Warfare

·         Mine Warfare

·         Strike Warfare

·         Intelligence Support

·         Amphibious Warfare

·         Rules of Engagement

(MSPC 2204 Admin Intro)

Names/POCs/Phone numbers/E-mail addresses:

Ms. Lydia Reynoso (Quota Control) - DSN: 251 / COM: (619) 221-5282



CDR Lewis Im (Course Coordinator) - DSN: 553-7486 / COM: (619) 553-7486




LT Kevin Song (Assistant Course Coordinator) - DSN: 553-0105 / COM: (619) 553-0105






SECRET clearance required. This course is intended for Strike Group and Warfare Commander Staffs as directed by COMFLTFORCOM/COMPACFLTINST 1500.49C (STRIKE GROUP TACTICAL TRAINING CONTINUUM). All others may request quotas on a space available basis.


SIPR Token



Administrative Requirements:  

Before attending the course, please complete the following:

-Ensure you have a SIPR token from your current command

-(MSPC Student Experience Questionnaire) Send the completed document to the course coordinators

-Current Cyber Awareness certification (

-Derivative Classification Training (

-SAAR form find on


Please email these 3 items to prior to arrival.