Fleet Synthetic Training-Unit (FST-U)

CIN/CDP:    K-2G-3010


Security Clearance Required:   SECRET

Length:    2 Days

For Additional Information Contact:

DSN: 553-9953 / COM: (619) 553-9953

Course Description:

Group in-port exercises are distributed training events conducted throughout the Fleet Readiness Training Plan (FRTP) to provide the appropriate level of tailored training for watch standers. Exercise scenarios are distributed from TTGP to ships/individual units. Group in-port exercises at the unit level (FST-U) are intended to demonstrate the ability to connect the in-port architecture while improving unit-level tactical proficiency.  FST-U is a two-day event that takes place during ATG CIC Team Trainer (CICTT).  


This distributed in-port exercise is ATG developed and evaluated.  The unit’ s Combat Systems Training Team (CSTT) executes multi-warfare scenarios developed by ATG.  It is conducted on the ships to allow the tactical watch standers to execute various missions and train shipboard personnel.  


The FST-U is geared toward the unit’s tactical watch standers.


A fully functional shipboard combat system suite to include all onboard training systems.