TACTRAGRUPAC (TTGP) Tactical Library


Attn: Tactical Library/Document Control

Commanding Officer, Tactical Training Group, Pacific

53720 Horizon Drive

San Diego CA  92147-5087


Building 58, Room 111

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 0730-1630

Phone Number

Commercial: (619) 553-8345

DSN: 553-8345


Michael Crow

    NIPR: Michael.l.crow.ctr@us.navy.mil

    SIPR: michael.crow.ctr@ncte.navy.smil.mil

Elizabeth Troutman

    NIPR: Elizabeth.j.troutman3.ctr@us.navy.mil

    SIPR: Elizabeth.troutman.ctr@ncte.navy.smil.mil


TTGP's Tactical Library is a learning resource for the Pacific Fleet, providing publications and media necessary to support Fleet Operations up to the SECRET classification.

The TTGP Tactical Library Collection includes the following resources:

  • Naval Warfare Publications (NWPs)

  • Tactical Notices (TACNOTES)

  • Tactical Memoranda (TACMEMOs)

  • Naval Education and Training (NAVEDTRA)

  • Operational Tasks (OPTASKs)

  • Operational Plans (OPLANs)

  • Joint Publications

  • NATO Publications

  • Jane's Books

  • Professional Journals

  • CNO Professional Reading Program List

  • Electronic Library - Internet access (NIPRNET and SIPRNET)

  • Various professional and leisure periodical

Service Programs Provided by the TTGP Library

The TTGP Library staff will assist students in document/publication identification and will provide assistance in the use of the Library, its access tools, collections, and services.

A special feature of the Library's cataloging and circulation software is its ability to manipulate the records contained in the database and perform searches in response to specific reference queries tailored to user's needs. Requestors of literature searches will be provided with print-out of search results if desired.

Advancement Exam Preparation Study Center. The Librarians actively research latest enlisted personnel advancement exam bibliographies to ensure that the TTGP Command staff has the most up-to-date resources available to maximize advancement potential. Personnel attached to commands outside of TTGP are welcomed to visit the Library for their exam preparation needs. The Library also has various references that support the Command Qualification Bibliography.

The Library also supports an unclassified collection of professional reading materials. These items include military and naval histories, classics discussing the art of warfare, and strategic studies.

Circulation Policy

The Library's collection of documents, books, journals, and audiovisuals is available for student's use. Each item removed from the Library by a student must be signed for by the recipient. Users are responsible for the security of all materials charged to them. Students will return all Library property prior to detachment from the command.