Common Tactical Picture Team Trainer (CTP TT)

CIN/CDP:    J-2G-0009  

Location:    TACTRAGRUPAC  

Security Clearance Required:    SECRET  (JPAS TO TTGP SMO Code 539966)

Length:    5 Days including a capstone scenario

For Additional Information Contact:

John Pecson

COM: (619) 553-0489

Course Description:

  • Focused on CTP organization and management capabilities.
  • Caps/Lims of assigned units' GCCS-M configurations.
  • Advanced troubleshooting.
  • OPTASK development.


Currently assigned or enroute to a billet as SG/ESG/Unit CTP-M; GCCS-M Watch Officer; GCCS-M Watch Supervisor; Database Managers; Staff IWC watchstander; key members involved in the shipboard database management and systems administration in CDC, CIC, EW, SUPPLOT, CVIC, SUW Module, JIC, and such other areas having responsibilities for developing and maintaining SG/ESG tactical database using CTP-M; and such other attendees desired by the CTP-M. 


SG and Unit CTP-Ms, GCCS-M Watch Officer, GCCS-M Watch Supervisor, Database Managers (including RDBM), Staff IWC watchstander.


  • Strike Group CTP-M completed GCCS-M Watch Officer (J-2G-2302), OTH-T C4I (K-2G-0127), C4I Sys Engineering (K-121-0181) and COP Advanced(A-2G-0017).
  • Watch Officers completed GCCS-M Watch Officer (J-2G-2302).
  • Database Managers completed GCCS-M Operator (J-221-2311), OTH-T C4I (K-2G-0127) and COP Advanced(A-2G-0017).
  • System Administrators completed GCCS-M Systems Administrator (J-150-2955) and C4I Systems Engineering (K-121-0181).