Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC) Augmentation Staff Course (JASC)

CIN:  K-2G-5001

CDP:  3317

Location:    TACTRAGRUPAC, Bldg 58, Naval Base Pt Loma

Security Clearance Required:    SECRET

Uniform: NWU, Khaki or Flight Suits

Length: 4 Days

Class Number

Convene Date

Complete Date


13 MAY 2024

16 MAY 2024


15 JUL 2024 18 JUL 2024


12 NOV 2024 15 NOV 2024
25-03 14 APR 2025 17 APR 2025
25-05 14 JUL 2025 17 JUL 2025


Start Place and Time:

Check in at Naval Base Pt. Loma Pass and Tag office, Bldg 61, NLT 0745 the first day of class.  Course Description: This is a basic/introductory level course for personnel expected to augment the JFACC in an afloat or shore-based Joint Air and Space Operations Center (JAOC).  The course also meets CSG and ESG training requirements out lined in the NWP 3-56.1(Rev A.).  Training is tailored to TACRON, CVW Staff and CVN Strike Ops personnel.  The course emphasizes joint air operations planning and execution as well as familiarization with the Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS). This course is open to personnel from all services.

Course Description:

This class is comprised of classroom briefings and practical exercises, TBMCS laboratories, introduction to execution tools and methods culminating in a Wing Operations Center Exercise.

The class discusses:

  • AOC battle rhythm, divisions, and key personnel
  • Air Tasking Order (ATO) and Air Space Control Order (ACO) development
  • A Target Effects Team (TET) practical exercise
  • A Master Air Attack Plan practical exercise
  • Joint airspace implementation
  • US Naval integration into the AOC process
  • TBMCS introduction and familiarization
  • AOC execution tools and methods
  • TBMCS Wing Operations Center practical exercise

Currently this course is taught and supported by one active duty officer (CDR) and two civilian contractors.

We also offer TBMCS units the opportunity to participate in monthly TBMCS connectivity checks. And we can assist in coordinating TBMCS connectivity checks with USAF CAOCs.


CDR Tom "Lou" Genest (Director, Strike Syndicates)

Mr. Mike Storey (Course Manager)

Mr. Luis Lynch-Maldonado (JASC Instructor/Senior Systems Administrator) 


E-mail addresses:

 CDR Tom "Lou" Genest 


 Mr. Luis Lynch-Maldonado


Mr. Mike Storey


Registration information:  

To register please contact Mrs. Lydia Reynoso (TTGP Quota Control) at: (619) 221-5282 or

Phone numbers:

CDR Tom “Lou” Genest - COM: (619) 553-8817/ DSN: 553-8817

Mr. Luis Lynch-Maldonado - COM: (619) 553-7893 or (619) 767-4737 / DSN: 553-7893 or 767-4737

Mr. Mike Storey - COM: (619) 221-5206 / DSN: 251-5206  


TACTRAGRUPAC is physically located on Point Loma in San Diego, California.  TACTRAGRUPAC is co-located with C3F at Naval Base Pt Loma.

Mailing Address: 


53720 Horizon Dr

San Diego, CA 92147-5087.

Clearance Information:

Course requires a SECRET security clearance.  Clearance delivery can be coordinated with the quota control representative.

TTGP Computer Access Requirements

This course requires access to TTGPCTE SIPR network.  To request an account as well as submit required forms click here or students can navigate to the TTGCTE SAAR-N SIPR link under the Student information Tab.



SECRET Clearance

SIPR Token