Mission Distribution System Staff Employment Course (MDS SEC)

CIN:    J-2F-2100 

Location and CDP:    TACTRAGRUPAC, 08P9

Security Clearance Required:    SECRET

Length:    10 Days

Course Description:

Provides training in understanding the capabilities and limitations in using the MDS to support Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) employment planning and post launch execution.  


A ten day course comprised of classroom instruction, MDS laboratory, workbook practical assignments, tests and tactical scenarios to provide staff (CINC/FLEET/Strike Group/CDS/CVW) and shipboard (CVN/LCC/SPC/FC 1331 NEC) personnel assigned as TLAM Strike Officers and their assistants the skills necessary to use MDS. Specifically the course graduate will have an understanding of how to employ MDS to administer TLAM Mission databases, perform mission database searches and selection in order to construct TLAM Strike Plan Folders/Options, build Air Space Control Measure Structures, deconflict mission execution, develop a post-launch communications plan, and conduct basic Post Launch Strike Controller duties.  

Start Place and Time:  Check in at Naval Base Pt. Loma, Security Office Quarterdeck, Bldg 61, NLT 0800 the first day of class.

Uniform: The recommended uniforms are Khaki or utility (flight suit or NWU) for officers, or Working Uniform for enlisted. All approved service uniform combinations are acceptable.  


LT Combado

Ms. Paulina Castro

E-mail addresses:

LT Combado

     SIPR christofer.combado@ttgp.navy.smil.mil

     NIPR christofer.combado@navy.mil

Ms. Paulina Castro

    SIPR paulina.castro.ctr@ttgp.navy.smil.mil

    NIPR paulina.castro.ctr@navy.mil

Registration information:


Please contact Lydia Reynoso


    COM: (619) 221-5282


Phone numbers:

LT Combado - COM: (619) 553-8276/ DSN: 553-8276 

Ms. Paulina Castro - COM: (619) 553-8276 / DSN: 553-8276  

Location: TACTRAGRUPAC is physically located on Point Loma in San Diego, California. TACTRAGRUPAC is co-located with C3F at Naval Base Pt Loma.

Clearance Information: Course requires a SECRET security clearance. Clearance delivery can be coordinated with the quota control representative. Clearance Fax number is 619-553-4731.