Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS) Monthly Afloat System Connectivity Tests

Test Purpose:

To allow TBMCS Afloat systems for CSGs and ARG/MEU/ESGs the opportunity to provide monthly training to their TBMCS System Administrators. Training will focus on SYSADs; however; to complete the test a qualified TBMCS operator is required. The SYSAD training will focus on configuring and testing remotes into a TBMCS Managed domain. The remote client on an Afloat TBMCS ship will point their system at the Primary Site TBMCS Server (TTGP JAOC).  

The following dates are scheduled test dates:   N/A  

To schedule a test contact CDR Weaver  


CDR Kyle Weaver (Strike Syndicate Head)

LCDR John Duarte (JASC Instructor)

OS1 David Hawkins (JASC Instructor/TBMCS Operator)

Mr. Ross “Bosco” Dickerson (JASC Instructor)

Mr Mike Storey (JASC/JADOCS Instructor)

Mr. James “Jimbo” MacMaster (JASC Instructor/Senior Systems Administrator)

E-mail addresses:     

CDR Kyle Weaver


LCDR John Duarte


OS1 David Hawkins


Mr. Ross Dickerson


Mr. Mike Storey


Mr. James MacMaster


Phone numbers:

JASC Classroom - COM: (619) 553-8222 / DSN: 553-8222  

CDR Kyle Weaver - COM: (619) 553-8805 / DSN: 553-8805  

LCDR John Duarte - COM: (619) 221-5206 / DSN: 251-5206  

OS1 Dave Hawkins - COM: (619) 553-0780 / DSN: 553-0780  

Mr. Ross Dickerson - COM: (619) 553-7893 / DSN: 553-7893

Mr. Mike Storey - COM: (619) 221-5206 / DSN: 251-5206

Mr. James MacMaster - COM: (619) 553-7893 / DSN: 553-7893  

TACTRAGRUPAC Fax - COM: (619) 553-4731 / DSN: 553-4731    

Who we are, what we do:     

Currently TACTRAGRUPAC employs two (2) full time active duty officers (CDR/Lt Col (USAF)) and one full time active duty enlisted (OS2) to conduct TBMCS and JFACC-related training. Training is either conducted in an orchestrated classroom environment, located on the premises, or at a requesting unit’s home location (i.e. CVNs, WOCs, Schoolhouse, etc.). Tailored course instruction has been and will continue to be arranged on a case-by-case basis to requesting fleet units. We also offer Afloat TBMCS units the opportunity to participate in monthly TBMCS Connectivity Checks. We can also assist in coordinating TBMCS Connectivity Checks with USAF CAOCs. For more information please see our JASC page.